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Walnut Pond at Prairiewood

Walnut Pond at Prairiewood is a secluded, landscaped pond located in a clearing and surrounded by native tallgrass prairie. Walnut trees surround much of the area, and provide shade throughout the day. Ideal for small outdoor gatherings and general recreation, it is available to all guests of Prairiewood for common use, but can be reserved exclusively as well. Ideal for picnicking and general leisure, it offers open space, trails for walking, and a small sand beach for play and swimming. Andt grounds afford hours of group play and activities.

Walnut pond is a rustic, authentic oasis located nearby to the Prairiewood RetreatHouse and the Blue Sage Barn, but far enough away to be able to be used independently. It can be set up to host small gatherings such as birthday parties, anniversary parties, graduation parties, and intimate wedding ceremonies.

Amenities & Options

Walnut pond is a rustic, secluded location. It has no running water, kitchen facilities, or electricity. A clean, well-kept portable restroom is located on site and serviced regularly. Guests are encouraged to think of this area as a picnic / recreation area, and to bring whatever will be needed in the way of food and drink. What it does offer is a delightful combination of native beauty and thoughtfully cared for grounds for those seeking a quiet, secluded area to gather, recreate, or celebrate.

Layout & Space

The Open Field
A large, open field is mowed and maintained for use as a gathering area or for recreation / games.

Walnut Pond is stocked with largemouth bass and crappie, and they can generally be taken on worms or just the right lure. Additionally, fishing on Wildcat Creek can sometimes be very productive for channel catfish and largemouth bass. (catch and release please)

Canoes are also available for rent, as this stretch of Wildcat Creek offers beautiful still-water paddling beneath towering hardwood forests on each side. With gravel bars conveniently located along the way (full of good "skipping" rocks!), paddling this stretch of the creek can make for an idyllic afternoon activity.

A one-mile trail wanders around through the native prairie and riparian forests, generally following Wildcat Creek. Scenic Vistas of the creek can be had at several overlooks, as well as access down to a gravel bar along the creek at a gentle riffle. The trail is generally of level grade, and low-mowed grass most of the way.

A Prairiewood Wedding
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